Become a stonemason a stonemason technician

What makes our school so special is the fact that only our school educates future masters of stonemasonry by using ancient Roman hand tools in the teaching and learning process in this part of Europe.

Stone Masonry is a deficient and very-in-demand profession and as such brings many advantages, so being a stonemason is a very profitable business.

The student dormitory within the School of Masonry is a pleasant place to stay, learn, socialize and work creatively, and as such perfectly complements activities of the school.

Scholarships for stonemasons in the amount of 1500 kuna (Croatian currency) per month, trips throughout Croatia and abroad, being part of numerous European projects, are just some of the many reasons why the School of Stonemasonry is the right choice for you!

Design a logo for the project „Stone and Wood“


Dear students, we invite you to participate in the competition for designing a logo for the project “Stone and Wood”. The competition is open until September 27, 2020, You can send your logo to email: or to the official FB page…

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“A TASTE OF THE PRESIDENCY”: STONEMASONRY SCHOOL – Croatian representative for the Council of the European Union


We all know that Croatia has been in the center of the Council of the European Union starting 01. January this year. As part of the presidency of the Council, the Member States rotate every six months. Croatia was in…

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