The Student dormitory

Within the premises of the School of Masonry, there is also a student dormitory that provides accommodation to all regular students whose residence is not in Pučšće. Our students come from all parts of the Republic of Croatia, and more and more often from outside of Croatia.

For many years we have been a unique combination of dormitory and school. It operated almost as a boarding school, while providing services to the students of the School during their education for master stonemasons, especially in the years of poor public transport connectivity.

The dormitory building was built in 1902 as a family house of the Kraljević family. During World War II, the building and its surroundings were severely damaged and set on fire. The building was purchased in 1956. and converted into a dormitory. The dorm operated independently until 1963. when it was merged with the school.

The second renovation was carried out in 2000. which provided the dormitory with 19 rooms with a total capacity of 57 students. Most rooms today are double/triple with shared bath. This ensures maximum privacy and necessary conditions for learning and tranquility needs. In addition, the dorm has a designated classroom for studying, a living room, a room for educators, and a space for school housekeepers. One of the central parts of the dorm is a classroom equipped with computers that are available to students in the afternoon hours, after school activities thus providing conditions for modern ways of education, this is also being a place for doing homework assignments or for the student’s rest and relaxation. A free Internet network is provided throughout the entire dorm facilities. An integral part of the dorm is a decent-proportion equipped gym that serves as a workout and training area for several different indoor sports and free time activities.

The school and dorm facilities use the central heating system, and thanks to the Office for Education of the Split-Dalmatia County, all the classrooms are air-conditioned making our work possible during the hot periods from June to September, respectively.

The ground floor of the home is occupied by a kitchen and a large dining room where students are provided with a food service every day. In 2019, an adaptation of the wall was carried out, which now enriches the dining room experience with its rustic look. Students who are not accommodated in the dormitory are allowed to have meals there as well, which definitely improves the overall quality of work and life in our school.

Besides good quality accommodation and food service, students are provided with constant pedagogical and psychological support. Life and work in the dorm are carried out through educational groups under the professional pedagogical guidance of educators and professional associates – a psychologist/nurse. The Annual planning and programming of educational work is made on the basis of our experiences, student’s and parent’s surveys, by having conversations with them, as well as through professional training of our employees and cooperation with other students in dormitories from all over Croatia. Students can at any time receive the help they need: advice, learning assistance, medical, psychological help or simply “a daily chatting dose”, because the home is provided 24/7 service.

Students who choose to stay in the dorm can enroll in various activities, mainly sports such as football, basketball and table tennis, and can also participate in extracurricular workshops, board games, etc. During the scholastic year various educational excursions and school trips are organized, weekend -visits to other dorms, the traditional participation in “Domijade” (dorms’ annual gathering) and Advent in Zagreb.

The connection between dorm and school today is much greater because students come from different places of residence and outside the island of Brac and spend their school life in our dorm.

For many years, the school has been participating in student exchanges with other countries, of which France should be singled out. Their students always have a place to stay in our dormitory when in Pučišća.

Student dormitory accommodation is provided and mandatory for 1st grade students.

Price of the accommodation is 83,62 EUR per month, and for students from EU countries price is 167,23 EUR per month.

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