"Tripun Bokanić" Award

Stone souvenir makers, architects, restorers, curators, art historians and other experts in the field of interest and work of stone, came “into their own” in May 2019 when Stonemasonry School from Pučišće, along with the “Oris House of Architecture” organized an exhibition and award ceremony in various areas related to stonemasonry for exceptional achievements in the field of stone design achieved in 2017 and 2018.

The awards were given during the two-day Symposium of Stonemasons hosted by the Stonemasonry School. The award itself has been named after the famous, native of Pučišća, a Renaissance stonemason and builder Tripun Bokanić. He is the author of numerous imposing Dalmatian buildings, such as the top floor of the bell tower of the Trogir Cathedral, made in a combination of Renaissance and Gothic art. He was also the builder of the stone altar in St. Mary’s church in Zadar, the town lodge in Hvar is attributed to him, as well as the altar of the very same church from 1605.

Stonemasonry School is extremely proud of this project and the entire program of the ceremonial Symposium of Stonemasons held from 17 to 19 May 2019 as part of the 110th anniversary of the founding of our school in Pučišće. The Zagreb exhibition was held on December 12, 2019. at the Oris House of Architecture in Zagreb.

The works were evaluated by the following jury:  academician Nikola Bašić, B.Sc.Arch., Prof. Nenad Fabijanić, B.Sc.Arch., Academician Dinko Kovačić, B.Sc.Arch. And Zdravko Matijašić, Master Stonemason and Retiree Advisor at the Stonemasonry Workshop of the Stonemason School. The jury awarded five prizes in five categories, and two special recognitions were awarded as well.

A special award was given to Antun Šatara, the architect from Split, for his lifelong contribution to architectural creativity.

For “The most successful architectural achievement in stone” category, with first prize was awarded architect Vinko Peračić for the residential house “House Dević” in Sutivan on the island of Brač. 

The award in the category “The most successful restoration work” went to – Reconstruction of the atrium of the Rector’s Palace in Dubrovnik by Željko Peković and Blaž Gotovac.

For “The most successful product design, individual architectural or decorative element” category, Sanja Leicher and Eduard Dukić were awarded for their work named “Ready-made snail”.

In the category “The most successful educational, curatorial, journalistic, critical, scientific and theoretical work”, the award was given to “Udruga Dragodid” for its overall work.

The award for “The most successful design of souvenirs in stone” Dina Jakšić Pavasović was awarded for her modular candlestick “Reflexio”.

The special “Award for contribution to the work of Stonemasonry School” was given to Tonči Vlahović, the former principal of the school.

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