The library of the School of Masonry is part of the Croatian language classroom and contains some 500 items, namely: books, brochures, magazines, newspapers and musicals and non-books: audio, video, electronic, graphic, small print and toys.

The largest number of units includes reading titles, but also issues of the magazine “Klesarstvo i graditeljstvo” (Stonemasonry and Construction), which is edited by the School of Masonry and is published twice a year. The school library includes all services that can be provided to users to meet their educational, informational and cultural needs, as well as free-time activities and leisure related needs. These include:

  • information-referral services (information about library materials, assistance in selecting library materials, listing out sources by theme, various types of information based on available sources, instructions on other information sources eg. documents or institutions) 
  • lending of library materials
  • use of computer equipment (two computers)
  • Internet access
  • interlibrary loan (loan of library material from the public library “Hrvatski skup”, mostly in cases when the school library can’t provide sufficient number of reading titles).

The members of the library are all the students and school staff, so nowadays the school library has 84 members.

Late fees are free of charge, but students respect the maximum of 21 days of lending period (according to the instructions of the Zagreb City Library).

Lending, entries, write-offs and all the other library activities are managed in the Metelwin program.

Besides the magazine “Klesarstvo i graditeljstvo”, the library has a large number of other journals closely or not so closely related to the stonemasonry profession, and other magazines adapted to high schools such as popular journals: Meridijani (Meridians), Školske novine (School Journals), Drvo znanja (Tree of knowledge), Bug, Jezik (Language) and others.

Monday 8:50 - 12:20
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 10:25 - 12:20
Thursday 8:50 - 12:20
Friday 8:00 - 12:20


In 1989, the idea of ​​launching a Symposium on Stone was born among teachers and associates of the Pučišća Stone Masonry School, along with the respective professional magazine, would be a place for exchanging scientific knowledge in the field of archeology, history of art and construction, history of technical sciences, preservation and protection of cultural heritage and cultural identity of the environment, architecture and urbanism, technology of harvesting, processing, installation and protection of stone, petrology, geology, mining, art and stonemasonry, sculpture and design in stone.

Thus, the first issue of the magazine “Klesarstvo i graditeljstvo” (Stonemasonry and Construction) saw the light of day in 1990 and since then it has been regularily published in double issues-biannualy (twice a year), in May and December.

By constantly improving the quality and quantity of content with a growing number of new and valuable collaborators, it has become appreciated not only in our professional and cultural life, but has also become an important factor for the development of social, scientific and economic spheres related to stone production, processing and application respectively, being the only scientific journal for this branch of science.

We are very proud of our magazine where excellent lecturers, prestigious scientists, academics and all the experts from the mentioned fields publish their works, which publisher is our school.

On “Hrčak”, the portal of scientific journals in Croatia, there is a digital archive of journals with issues from 2009 to 2015. Be sure to “scroll”!

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