Project Stone and wood

One of the main project goals is to adapt vocational education which needs to be made attractive to high school students who are faced with difficult decisions concerning their further education and are also prone to early school leaving.

It is necessary to adapt to the world of work as much as possible with special emphasis on retaining qualified young professionals in the country which has become an increasing problem in Croatia.

As part of the project, 4 transnational meetings are planned. Prior to students’ camps, pedagogical aspects of work will be prepared respectively:

  • exploring the wood industry and stone industry
  • visits to museums
  • visiting the project partners, schools and places where trainings will be conducted
  • creating programs for the camp, activities in nature, specific aspects of the area, etc.
  • identification of skills for realization / comparison of different methods of pedagogical work
  • developing an educational and cultural internship preparation program
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