After visiting beautiful Brittany in November 2021, it was our turn at Klesarska School to host the guest students. Enthusiastic students arrived in Pučišća on January 12, 2022 (the day before they were situated in Supetar and Split), they visited our school, greeted their well-known colleagues from school and afterwards they also visited the exhibition of miniature churches and basilicas in the small church of Our Lady on Botko, where they were warmly hosted by Mr Joško Radić. The cultural and artistic part of sightseeing in Pučišće could not be completed without a visit to the curch of St. Jerome, history of which was told to them by Don Ivica Huljev, who proudly presented the “Povaljska listina”, being the oldest surviving document written in Croatian Cyrillic carefully kept in the Pučišće parish office.

After a tour of the place and lunch in the student’s dormitory, the students were divided into four working groups: stonemason group (mentors: Siniša Martinić-Cezar, Damir Nižetić and Daslav Petrović), modeling group (mentors: Emil Trutanić and Tina Eterović), computer drawing (mentors: Jakov Babarović and Sandra Radulovski) and the CNC group (mentors: Jakov Babarović, Siniša Martinić-Cezar and Denis Nižetić). Some of the work tasks including the following: familiarization with stone tools, work with a point tool and demonstration, triskele modeling in clay and plaster casting – preparation for carving or CNC, scanning of the finished triskele and scaling to a specific size: preparation for the CNC machine on a board, machine preparation and many others.

It is worth to mention that the triskele is a very important part of this project: it symbolizes the unity of three beautiful countries – Croatia, Poland, and France, three materials – wood, French granite and Brac stone, and the symmetry of the three basic elements – water, earth and fire, which beautifully created by the authors of this international project.

The students also visited Jadrankamen, the Jakšić gallery, and visited the natural beauties of the island of Brač. The happy Erasmus generation is looking forward to the continuation of the project and further travels and studies.

Author of the text: Josipa Terzić

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