Project Stoneplacing

In order to deal with the above-mentioned shortcomings in stone placing training practice, a consortium was established: the German Stone Industry Association (DNV), a leading partner of the consulting company AtinServices from Spain, the Marble and Limestone Technology Center CTM from Murcia, Spain, the European Stone Industry Association. (EUROROC) from Wiesbaden, Germany, AOCDTF School Association from France, Stanfors School Center from Sweden, SC consulting company CONCEPT CONSULTING SRL- Romania and Stonemason School of Pučišća.

The project contributes to improving the quality of stone placing by selecting and creating the best methods as well as reducing the costs while strengthening the competitiveness in the stone industry. In doing so, it is necessary to improve the quality of training, as well as professional skills in the field.

Energy preserving and sustainable development are the basis on which the acceptable stone processing/placing methodology is being built, the fact we are all aware of nowadays.  Natural stone used in construction in public places is durable, energy efficient and can be reused. The project has been accepted by the European agency “Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency”, at the expense of the Lifelong Learning program: Leonardo da Vinci, entitled “Stoneplacing” – being occupied with Improving skills and employability of stone installers by introducing a joint European training program supported by appropriate ICT tools.

Project results

During the two year-work on the project, a curriculum and an Online resource center were developed. The curriculum consists of 9 Teaching modules:

  1. Basic risk prevention on the worksite
  2. Preparing of mortar, adhesives and concrete
  3. Criteria for selection of natural stone
  4. Placing of pavement and stairs
  5. Placing of masonry, ashlars and blockwork
  6. Placing of cladding with mortar
  7. Assembling of ventilated facades
  8. Placing of stone singular elements 9. Good practice for environmental protection

Stone placing course curriculum – duration: 980 hours total, of which 410 for theory and 570 for training.

The curriculum is available on the website: in text format.

The highlight of this project is the Online resource center. It is a substantial catalog of practical training showing specific ways of stone element placing. Explanations are given through multimedia materials.

The online resource center gives all the necessary tools, recommendations and animations for each product. It also provides guidance and demonstrates the process of placing of stone elements in order to make the stone placing process as understandable as possible. Over 20 animations are shown to explain the most common doubts about handling of natural stone. 

More about the project on the official website:

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