Safequ project

This is particularly worrying in the stone industry, especially in the stone processing sector.

Project “SAFEQU” develops tools to improve occupational health and safety in quarries and is being funded by the European Commission.

Project goals

The main goal of this project is to improve safety measures in situ in natural stone quarries by creating innovative training materials using 3d animation.

Specific goals:

  • to research the major risks that may occur during the exploitation of stone in the countries included in the project
  • identify key situations which would be presented through multimedia materials
  • create didactic tools based on ICT and increase awareness in the field of protection against potentially risky situations – mainly based on a practice-oriented approach.


The main results of the project are:

  • comparison of European and national laws related to safety at work in natural stone quarries.
  • report related to the stone exploitation sector
  • situations with the highest risk of accidents, injuries or occupational diseases
  • current situation in companies regarding the use of personal and shared safety equipment at work
  • multimedia didactic tools for training and increasing workers’ awareness of the importance of safety at work. This tool will include 10 3D sketches lasting 90 seconds
  • the project website to be continuously upgraded by new project results

The Consortium and its impact

The project is coordinated by the Finnish Natural Stone Association, being the organization representing the interests of the natural stone sector in Finland and also a member of EUROROC, the European association of stone manufacturing industries, ensuring the wide dissemination of project results at the European level and its impact on small and medium-sized enterprises.

The marble technology center from Spain has large experience in the field of innovation in occupational safety projects in the stone industry. The participation of Saimaa University from Finland, Stonemasonry School (“Klesarska škola”) from Croatia and FWG Vocational School from Freiburg in Germany will have an immediate impact on students who are going to be future workers in quarries, also allowing the participation of local stone mining companies.

More info about the project on the official website

Pučišća meeting

Freiburg meeting

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