Safe place project

Despite large investments in risk prevention and occupational safety protection at work, there are certain sectors where the results are very poor and the number of accidents is very high. Such is the case in natural stone placing. Despite the continuous training campaigns, the accident at work and occupational disease rate is still very high in most European countries. Stone slab physical properties, poor weather conditions or working at heights can be highly risky when placing and installing stone because they are dealing with products, weight and dimensions of which, are beyond human capabilities and strength.

The main risks faced by workers in the construction process, among others, are: the dust generated in stone cutting, holes in the middle of structures (such as lifting holes before installing an elevator), fall level, falling objects level, poor and unnatural body positions, heavy work, handling of chemical products, materials weight, handling of cranes, risk of being trapped in the process, etc.

In parallel to general goals, there are a number of secondary and complementary goals within the project:

  • identify relative risks for most common stone placing techniques, focusing on the frequency and severity
  • determine how to implement activities minimizing risks
  • develop multimedia material to facilitate training activities and awareness raising
  • create products and activities developed according to identified target groups

Consortium sessions

3 Consortium sessions were held throughout the project. 

The first one was held in our school in Pučišća, where the project partners were introduced and agreed on project management procedures and on task assignments during the course of the project.

The second session of the Consortium was held in the Italian city of Padua at the Scuola Edile Padova – CPT, Via Basilicata 10 Camin Padova. “Klesarska škola” Pučišća presented the relevant legal basis in the Republic of Croatia and also presented the usual “scenarios” related to occupational safety when placing massive stonemasonry: arches, balusters and others at low-level scaffolding.

The third session of the Consortium was held in the city of Murcia, the south of Spain, in Ceeim – Centro Europeo de Empresas and Innovación de Murcia.Calle Campus Universitario de Espinardo, 7, 30100, Espinardo, Murcia. At this meeting the scenarios of typical situations on a construction site were shown as well as the use of protective equipment and procedures usually applied in a given situation. The main characters of the animation for protection and safety at work in stone placement were presented and a construction site where all the scenarios would be taking take place. Please, meet our animated characters below.

More info about the project and the 3D animations created for the project


Main project products to be developed are as follows:

  • reporting of the main risk situations in the process of stone placing in the participating countries
  • reporting the degree of the current use of protective measures and equipment for environmental and health protection in the process of stone placing 
  • 3d multimedia training tool that includes a total of 10 units of 120 seconds each
  • Wide dissemination of the project and project products that will make this tool, based on IT, available to all possible end-users

It should be borne in mind that, although this project will focus on the stone placing process, most of these safety and health measures will be possible to extrapolate to other material products in the construction process.

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