Project Stone

The project has emerged as a response to numerous problems in the stone processing and exploitation sector such as:

  1. Insufficient institutional cooperation for a long-term sustainability planning and the implementation of development projects in cross-border regions
  2. Lack of a systematically designed database as a basis for planning future activities in the development of the stonemasonry sector
  3. Lack of mutual cooperation of small and medium enterprises in the sector of exploitation and processing of stone in terms of development of export services and joint market presence
  4. A rising level of imports of processed stone products on the one hand and increasing export of primary raw materials on the other hand
  5. Shortage of legal quarry fields for stone exploitation
  6. Insufficient public sector services in terms of access to finance, support for technological innovation and encouragement of networking and cooperation of SMEs
  7. The problem of skilled labor shortage in the stonemasonry sector
  8. Lack of education system in the BiH federation that could meet the needs of the stone processing and exploitation sector.

More about the project:

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