Invitation to advertise-Stonemasonry and construction-June 2022.

Dear Sirs,

we are glad to inform that also this year, the School of Masonry Pučišća is inviting you to be a part of and advertise in the magazine of “Masonry and Construction”.

“Klesarstvo & graditeljstvo” magazine is created and seen as a place of confrontation and exchange of scientific knowledge in the field of archeology, history of art and construction, history of technical sciences, preservation and protection of cultural heritage and cultural identity, architecture and urbanism, technology of picking, processing, installation and stone protection, petrology, geology, mining, arts and stonemasonry, sculpture and stone design. Its didactic value is of also extremely important for the widest circle of citizens, stone and stonemasonry proponents, secondary school students, academy students and postgraduates in various fields.

The launch of the magazine is the realization of an idea expressed during the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the School of Masonry in Pučišća.

The magazine aims to cover all areas that are related to the theme of stone from any perspective.

All interested authors are kindly asked to send us their works for review and publication until 30 May 2022, at the latest.

All relevant materials to be sent in MS Word format, with the subject topic “For Masonry and Construction” to our e-mail address:

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