International Winstone seminar held on 28.05.2021.

As members of the Stonemasonry school we participated in a 2.30 hour- long seminar, which was also one of the most interesting seminars we had ever been part of. The seminar consisted of so many beautiful stories that were presented by our female guests who are experts in the sector of stone, a variety of nicely tailored and instructive PowerPoint presentations and, most importantly, so much pride in women who have spent their entire working life in predominantly “male” occupations, it was just simply impossible to describe with words. 

All the participants who were guests of this unusual online event commented after having seen the presented content, that they had never felt and listened to such interesting lectures with a focus on women in stone industry and their life path.

The moderator Karmela Šegvić organized and administrated this commendable seminar,  along with the school director Tamara Plastić, leading us through the stories of Katica Andrijašević, civil engineer, Vinka Marinković, senior conservator-restorer, Sandra Nejašmić Pirnat, academic sculptor, Tamara Plastić, our dear former teacher and Master of Science in Civil Engineering, Dina Jakšić Pavasović, PhDs holder in Arts and Academic Painter, Ida Stipčić Jakšić, fashion designer, Željka Frančeski, stonemason and owner of a stonemason manufacture business and, last but not least, Vanessa Martinić, our dear 3.a class student.

Besides our speakers and partners in this project,  we would like to give special thanks to:  Reiner Krug from the German DNV and to David Caparros Pérez, a representative of the Spanish CTM who, at the beginning of the seminar, provided more information on the WinStone project and introduced viewers and listeners to its goals and outcomes.

To conclude, it is obvious that the number of women in traditionally “male” occupations is significantly increasing and this wonderful event has certainly confirmed that.

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