2020 Erasmus Days

2020 Erasmus Days across Europe were celebrated from 15 to 17 October. In Croatia, this beautiful celebration was held at more than a hundred locations (kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, universities and NGOs) out of a total of 5024 around the world, which, despite the pandemic, is a record number of events on Erasmus Days. The events were diverse, from exhibitions and quizzes to workshops and lectures, and what our school can boast of is that in these challenging times in which many use different online platforms, we managed to host primary school students from all over Brač, while respecting physical distance and other epidemiological measures, and offer them a truly attractive program.

The program is officially registered under the name “Erasmus Island Days – seize the opportunity” which you can see at the link. 

Lawyer Karmela Šegvić, external collaborator, was the author and coordinator of the workshop consisting of four educational parts: first, as part of the round table, Bol High School students Iris Stančić and Mia Pivčević, “erasmus girls” who shared some of the wonderful experiences from their Erasmus + travels, after which a former student of the School of Masonry, Barbara Tomić, joined via Skype and shared her “French” Erasmus + experiences. After this, followed an interesting presentation on the European Union with the accompanying Kahoot! quiz for our students the top three students also received valuable prizes), and finally, the students participated in a clay workshop. The techer of the Introduction to Clay Modeling, academic sculptor Emil Trutanić, introduced the participants to clay and clay composition by putting theory into creative work – students were divided into groups and their task was making a clay logo of the Euro – the official currency of the European Union.

It should be mentioned that at this event a well-deserved recognition and award was given to Stipe Kusanović, a 3rd grade student who created a winning logo for the “Stone and Wood” project in which we participate, we heartily congratulate him, once again .This dynamic morning ended where else but in the stonemason’s workshop – there, the eighth-graders from Brač were welcomed by our graduates and their practical teachers, the younger students were delighted with the workshop and with students’ work.

A thank you notes go to Pučišća Elementary School, Bol Elementary School, Vladimir Nazor Elementary School from Postira, Supetar Elementary School and Selca Elementary School for participating in this fun project as well as their teachers and professional associates, and with special thanks to the great team of the Agency for Mobility and European Union programs, for sending us their promotional materials and made us even more aware of the fact that the Erasmus + project as a European Union program for education and training of young people is a great look into the future of Europe.

See more photos on the school’s FB page.


Text written by: Josipa Martinić

Photos: Duje Krstulović

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