Project RockChain

Main project activities:

  1. Creation of methods and procedures for stone waste management based on the concepts of
    circular self-sustainable economy – European common curriculum on waste management
    using blockchain technology for the architectural and building stone industry
  2. Creation of a new interactive digital tool based on blockchain technology for waste
  3. Adjustments of participants to innovative technologies and new digital competences, as well
    as to new regulations related to self-sustainable economy, environment, climate change and
    resources needed in the stone industry
  4. Creation of a curriculum and specialization program for training adults in waste management
    and IT for the stone industry
  5. Creation of RockChain Open Educational Resource (OER)
  6. Pilot RockChain courses for professionals, teachers and students.
  7. Presentation seminars for the proposal of the e-GuidelineRockChain project, which will be
    translated into the languages ​​of the project partners

Project partners:
CTM – AsociaciónEmpresarial de InvestigaciónCentroTecnológico del Mármol, Piedra y Materiales (Spain), KSK – Klesarska Škola (Croatia), DNV – German Natural stoneAssociation (Germany), UNIVERSITATEA TRANSILVANIA DIN BRASOV – UniTBV (Romania).

The project number: 2023-1-DE02-KA220-ADU-000166863

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