A new issue of the magazine „Masonry and Construction“ will be released in May 2023. TERMS OF ADVERTISING
Bit će prezentiran na ovogodišnjem Simpoziju kamenarstva koji će se održati od
18 do 20. svibnja 2023.

Some of You are our longtime associates who advertise their companies and products in our magazine for many years now.

I hope that the interest for advertising will be high in this issue, as well.

We invite those who have not used this opportunity so far, and are interested, to join our team and our magazine.

Terms are the same as they were in previous years.

Therefore, the whole internal page will be charged 100€ and the external one 200€.

Half of the internal page is 50€.

Format 16×24 cm

Please submit Your requests not later than 3rd of March 2023.

our advertising contributes to the publication of a unique magazine with topics that are focused on connecting relevant proffesions related to natural stone.

The magazine is published in a printed release, as well in an online one, and it’s been given to all of the relevant stakeholders, Croatian Scientific and University library, faculties of Civil Engineering and faculties of Mining in Croatia, as well as everyone from school’s mailing list and every participant of the Symposium.

We all share the same interest: to maintain the magazine „Masonry and Construction“ a place where variant stone proffesions will be confronted, as well as every other profession and inclined supplier.

Please send Your ads suggestions to these addresses:   and/or

Thank You once again for Your advertising which will help in publishing this magazine.

Tamara Plastić, principal

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